Speaking & Consulting

Dr. McArthur was the perfect energetic, topic starter we needed to kick off our day. All attendees agreed he shared many thought provoking ideas on the hot marketing topic pertaining to intergenerational dynamics. Thanks for sharing your expertise with our group and agreeing to be our early morning kick-off speaker! – Kelly Johnson, Senior Vice President, SunGard

JAMcArthur speaking on social media Dr. John A. McArthur is available to the media and to universities, corporations, and non-profits as a speaker, trainer, and consultant. To host Dr. McArthur as a speaker or consultant, please inquire directly.


Dr. McArthur is currently offering presentations and consultancies on the following topics for corporate and non-profit groups:

  • Strategic Communication & the role of Digital Technology
    The role and impact of communication technologies (including digital and social media) on society, broadly, and on personal interactions and strategic communication initiatives, specifically.
  • Physical and Digital Spaces (Proxemics)
    The structure and use of proxemics in spatial design, and the ways that spaces are designed in digital environments.
  • Information Design & User-Experience
    The design of messages with the purpose of creating experiences for readers, viewers, or users.
  • Educational Instruction and Assessment
    The assessment of educational variables of student learning and teacher behavior: How students learn and ways for teachers to create environments and opportunities for student success.
  • Combinations of Technology, Space, & Education
    Dr. McArthur’s research and consultation often involve combinations of the three areas above, for example:
    The role and use of digital environments and technologies in strategic communication
    The impact of space on student learning and teacher behavior
    The design of physical and digital learning environments