journal 1

Introduction to Communication: COMM 101

Welcome to Introduction to Communication. In the study of communication, one of our goals is to be able to sort through a vast assortment of information. A second goal is to demonstrate judgment about what information to include and what information to dismiss.

Your journals in this class may seem unlike other assignments you have had. In many cases, you will not find “correct” answers, but rather many possible answers.Many of these assignments will ask you to think, reflect, and offer your thoughts based on our study. Please prepare to spend time thinking and creating.

Journal 1: What is communication?

For your first journal, curate a one-page document that answers the question: what is communication?

Some students have chosen to curate a digital page that combines images and text into a compelling visual design. Others have created a physical collage using clippings from various sources. Some have illustrated their thoughts and still others have written them into a composition of sorts. The criteria for success include:

  • the document fits on one sheet of paper.
  • the document demonstrates deep reflection about communication.
  • the components of the document are chosen and combined well.