Lab 5: Revising the Media Release

Integrated Strategic Communication: COMM 306
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For this lab activity, please use the comments returned on your press release and revise it to make it better – more clear, more concise, more reflective of the event you wrote about. Be sure to  include  the ten items included in this article on media releases. All ten must be present in the press release.

Submitting this assignment

To submit this assignment, please create a blog post titled “Lab 05: Revising the Media Release” and do two things:

  1. Embed your revised press release as a PDF.
  2. Write about 300 words about what you learned from the revision process. Include a embedded link to your previous version of the media release. An embedded link is created when you highlight the text inside a sentence and link that text to the item you are referencing. For an example, see the embedded link in the second paragraph on this page.