Lab 7: Consumer Generated Media

Integrated Strategic Communication: COMM 306
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For this lab activity, we will be thinking about consumers and their ability, as our book points out, to send a message to businesses using online consumer generated media. Using information from the reading, develop what you think would be an appropriate response to a consumer statement shared on Facebook.

Choose a business that has a Facebook page. Visit that page and look for a consumer post. Capture screen shots of both the consumer post and the company’s response.

Explain your thoughts about the company’s response and analyze it according to the information in chapter 13 of our textbook. Then, using the information you’ve learned, write (as if you were the company representative) what you believe would be the perfect response for the company to take.

Submitting this assignment

Submit this assignment as a blog post on your website titled “Lab 07: Consumer Generated Media” and be sure that you’ve addressed all the information above. Don’t forget to use a cite your screen shots.

This lab was modified with permission from a great activity completed by PR Prof Kristen Bostedo-Conway.