Lab 9: A Tale of Two Biographies

Integrated Strategic Communication: COMM 306
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Chapter 16 discusses biographies as one deliverable that might be included in a media kit or on a website. Often, we would have to write at least two biographies for someone we were going to promote: a straight biography and a narrative biography.

Note: the straight biography is written for the EYE, whereas the narrative biography is written for the EAR.

For this lab, do the following in your blog post:

1. Discuss the differences between a straight biography and a narrative biography.
2. Write a straight biography and a narrative biography for the same person. Choose a faculty member at Queens to complete this about. Dr. McArthur is fair game. Be sure to use line spacing and visual elements in your blog to demonstrate which is which.

  • For the straight biography, write it in the post.
  • For the narrative biography, write it in the post, but also create an audio version. You can create an audio verstion by recording the sound on your phone or computer and uploading it to a Soundcloud page to embed in your blog. Soundcloud will also allow you to record directly to their site using the microphone on your computer so you only have one step, if you find that easier. 

3. Explain which situations would be good uses of each biography.

Submitting this assignment

Create a blog post on your website titled “Lab 09: The Biography” and include the information listed above. For your Soundcloud file, embed the sound file into your blog using the “share”  button on soundcloud. When you click the share button on your soundcloud file, you’ll see a specialized embed code for WordPress. Use that one.