On being a Doctor

Remember the episode of Friends in which Ross and Rachel are in the hospital with Rachel’s dad and Ross introduces himself as “Dr. Ross Geller”? Given that Ross is a paleontologist and not a medical doctor, Rachel responds by saying something like “Ross, you can’t say that. Being a doctor actually means something here.”  I lived this experience within a week of my graduation.

While I was visiting my grandmother at the hospital on Tuesday (she’s fine), my grandmother proudly introduced me to the nurse, saying, “This is my grandson who just became a doctor.”  The nurse replied, “Well we could certainly use his help around here.” My aunt, thankfully, pre-empted any further remarks by saying, “Actually, he’s a Ph.D., but I’m sure he could still help out somehow.” Excellent save, Aunt Lee.

Nevertheless, I am excited about the recent accomplishment, the graduation, and the wonderful party that Erin threw for me last weekend. And, because many of you are excited to see the Clemson doctoral regalia, you can see some pictures here. Now, just imagine what would happen if I wore that around the hospital.

What are your thoughts?

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