Mediated Group Communication

Queens University of CharlotteQueens University of Charlotte Media Release
March 31, 2010

Interpersonal Relations and Social Patterns in Communication TechnologiesDr. John A. McArthur, assistant professor in the School of Communication, wrote a book chapter that was published in the recently released text “Interpersonal Relations and Social Patterns in Communication Technologies: Discourse Norms, Language Structures and Cultural Variables.” The book, edited by Dr. Jung-Ran Park and Dr. Eileen Abels is available as a reference text for students and researchers in communication technologies.

Dr. McArthur’s chapter on “Mediated Group Communication” examines the process of group development in online environments. The chapter is framed around Tuckman’s group development theory, and investigates some of the benefits and issues which arise from forming groups in digital spaces rather than in face-to-face settings.

The book is available on Amazon and from the publisher, IGI Global.

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