Social Media Marketing Strategies (Evans, 2010)

Social Media Marketing Strategies for Engaging in Facebook. Twitter & Other Social Media (Evans, 2010)

Evans (2010) on Amazon“You should be engaging in social media because it is free.” This is the first myth shredded by Liana Evans. Evans takes a strategic look at social media marketing strategies. Having a Facebook page or a blog or Twitter is not going to make a business successful. Our job is to figure out who to talk to and how. The goal is conversation.

The book raises some contentious issues for communication professionals. Evans raises the claim that the aim is no longer ROI (return on investment), but is now ROC (return on conversation). In addition, she takes a jab at bloggers, saying bloggers have no boundaries and are not journalists.

Evans also says that many companies are allowing interns to manage their social media presence. She advocates that seasoned professionals should take the opportunity to learn new tools rather than trusting temporary employees with brand messaging.

One of the highlights, says Shannon Hames, is the chapter on legal issues in social media. Evans suggests bringing a legal team into the discussion early and often.

  • Overall Response: To be successful on social media, you must first be social.

About Digital Media Book Club: In the growing field of strategic communication, social media rockstars, academics, and digital thinkers are investing time and energy to share their learning with others. In my Digital Strategic Communication class, students in the Master of Arts in Organizational and Strategic Communication program at Queens University of Charlotte are sifting through a variety of texts to discover the embedded wisdom. These are their thoughts and reactions.


  1. Engaging in social media because it is free is a bold statement. I however enjoying engaging because of the communication between many people and organizations. Twitter is quickly replacing my social addiction of Facebook. I find twitter to be professional and easy to understand. I do like the saying “to be successful on social media, you must first be social”. I agree that you need to be social and put yourself out there with social media, however you can still be shy. Social sites have a new way of connecting with people that can be less personal, but also less intimidating. I think some of my classmates should take a crack at this book, especially those who are against twitter.

    • Thanks Michael. Social sites certainly have their upsides and downfalls, but from a marketing perspective, it seems that social media is the new way to establish relationships with prospective and current clients.

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