Blog Rules (Flynn, 2006)

Blog Rules: A business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues (Flynn, 2006)

Blog Rules

The discussion surrounding Blog Rules: A business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues by Nancy Flynn highlighted using business blogs as an internal tool for top-down communication.

Flynn suggests that companies treat blogs as archives, ensure corporate policies are in place, and consider the workplace environment created on blogs. Blog posts and comments on corporate websites can contribute to a workplace environment, so companies need to be well-versed in employee policies and procedures.

Employees must also be aware of the corporate policies. Employee bloggers often face firing for the content of their blog (which Flynn calls “being dooced” in honor of an infamous social media human resources case).

“The book is not necessarily a cautionary tale,” says Catherine Whittaker, “but it would cause a business to pause before launching social media efforts.” The goal, says Whittaker, is to help a company think through the issues before they arise.

  • Overall Response: If your company is considering a new company blog, this might be a good resource for identifying potential risks.

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