Top 10 Tips for Success in #COMM306

Integrated Strategic Communication, COMM 306, moves quickly. To compile the breadth of information, learn the art of writing for the web, and chronicle their experience, Knight School of Communication students maintain blogs throughout the semester. Here is their top ten list of tips for success in the course:

1. This course isn’t about the grade, it’s about your learning.

I must say that today’s class sits at the top of my “Most Memorable Classes” list.  I can recall getting chills on more than one occasion. I felt like I was directly taking in information that I KNOW will be applicable to my career and to my future…
(Read more from Brittani Hunter, ’12)

2. Take the time to learn how to write for the web.

If I had to choose 1 thing that was most beneficial to me, I would have to choose writing blogs.
(Read Max Kaczynski’s (’12) full reflection on blogging)

3. Focus on the quality of your work.

I know many students leave everything to the last minute, and this is definitely not the class to do so. Blogs may seem short and easy, but to have good blog posts requires time and effort.
(Read more from Pureum Lee, ’13)

4. Edit, Edit, Edit.

Look over all your work before turning it in. … Proofread and edit. Be a true PR professional. Spell check your blog… Make it your best.
(Read more from Erika Plaza, ’11)

5. Don’t cram for exams.

Cramming for the exams in this class is a huge mistake. You may think that because Dr. McArthur is a super cool dude that his tests are going to be easy, don’t make this misconception. He is a super cool dude, but his tests are really hard! And you have to study really hard! … Study a few days in advance. I know it’s a crazy concept.
(Read more from Steven Smith, ’12)

6. Keep your eyes open outside of class.

PR and strategic communication are everywhere. You will notice, as you start getting more in depth to your semester, that you will be able to connect this class to many things outside class. You will see advertisements, news stories, and other events that you will learn about in class. Make sure to pay attention in class, so that you can connect with events going on outside of class.
(Read more from Clay Hanback, ’11)

7. Ask for help when you need it.

If you fall behind or do not understand a topic ask Dr. McArthur he will help you out a lot.  If you are going to miss class on a lab day let him know in advance.
(Read more from Bobby Bossert, ’12)

8. Update your blogs frequently to be relevant.

I cannot stress this tip enough. It is important for both class and your presence on the web to update your blog constantly. It shows your commitment to the blog and for class it is just less stressful to just do the blogs when they are due.
(Read more from Natalie McLemore, ’11)

9. You’re not in the world by yourself.  Join the blogging community.

One of the cool things about blogging is that anyone can do it, if they so choose.  Therefore, interact with other bloggers.  Comment on their posts.  Link to posts that you find particularly interesting.  This way, you can increase the chances of other people commenting on or liking your blog posts.
(Read more from Brittani Hunter, ’12)

10. Complete your blog posts on time.

This last one was mentioned by every student. Procrastination is the key enemy in this course, but also in the field of strategic communication. Lesson learned.

What are your thoughts?

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