Designing a Knight School Capstone Portfolio

Your Knight School capstone portfolio is your opportunity to make the case to our faculty that you have mastered the communication learning needed to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens University of Charlotte. The items you include in the portfolio should encompass both breadth (the variety of coursework and learning experiences you’ve encountered) and depth (examples of your excellent work in curricular and co-curricular activities).

Be creative. Your goal is to demonstrate your personal acheivements.

According to your syllabus, the requirements for your portfolio are:

You will submit a digital portfolio of your work in the Communication program to the faculty. The portfolio is designed to demonstrate the scope and quality of your work in the program up to this culminating semester. The capstone portfolio will be evaluated by a jury of faculty on a pass/fail basis.

You can earn a pass on the portfolio if you do the following:

  1. Compile a list of the courses completed, noting how the courses fulfill the requirements of the major or concentration.
  2. Collect syllabi and representative samples of work (projects, papers etc.) completed in each course.
  3. Write a summative reflection of your experience in the Communication program at Queens.
  4. Compose a one-page reflection about your experience in each course. What material did you find particularly useful and well taught? What other material did you find less useful? What suggestions do you have for improvement? These reflections should be meaningful and insightful.
  5. Collect these materials, organize them into a wordpress blog, and submit them via email by Thursday September 29th.

For this inaugral digital portfolio experience, a sample portfolio guide is available here.

Below are a few resources for helping you with the technical skills of creating a digital portfolio.

Getting Started on WordPress:

Adjusting your initial settings:

Resources for adding media content to your portfolio:

Using and Embedding Images and Videos
Embedding Tweets
Embedding Slideshares (for PowerPoint Presentation Display)


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