Digital Citizens

What does it mean to be a citizen in a digital world? Who are the best examples of this type of citizenship?

In our exploration seminar at Queens University of Charlotte, our central question surrounds digital literacies. For our second weekly inquiry, students will investigate what it means to be a digital citizen. To do so, each student will complete the following:

  1. Research people who you think are digital citizens. Find at least 6 people that, in your judgment, would be considered true digital citizens.
  2. Select the most compelling digital citizen from your list.
  3. Create a one-page magazine spread* that gives a biography of this digital citizen. Your magazine page should include
    • a photo
    • an image credit for the photo
    • a title
    • an author by-line
    • a well-written, error-free story explaining why this person the best example of a digital citizen
    • a list of the other five people who came close to being your pick
    • source citations
  4. Export the magazine page as a GIF or JPEG and email your image to

We’ll view and hear responses to this inquiry in our January 30th meeting. Be prepared to present (orally) your digital citizen.

We will post all entries here next week and have a poll to see who our readers think is the top digital citizen. Responses are welcome from people outside the seminar as well on or before January 30th at noon.

*Because of the limitations of Microsoft Word, some students may find it easier to utilize Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Publisher, or Adobe Photoshop to complete the task of designing a one-page magazine spread. If you do so, please set your page dimensions to 8.5″ x 11″ (portrait) for this inquiry.

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