Charlotte moves to #DroptheNC

  1. The Charlotte Observer’s Tim Funk wrote the article above that unleashed numerous tweets about Charlotte’s ability to stand alone in the Associated Press’ Stylebook, the document that governs the characteristics of media references. Charlotte, for example, is always listed as “Charlotte, NC” whereas cities like Boston, Phoenix, and Atlanta require no state designation.
  2. CLTstandalone
    Thanks to everyone for the quick support of #DropTheNC! Great to hear people care about @APStylebook
  3. briandfrancis
    #DroptheNC is not a knock on the rest of the state, but a compliment. People should know where our state’s largest city is without modifier.
  4. CLTstandalone
    19 of the 30 current AP standalone cities are smaller than Charlotte by population (US Census 2010) @APStylebook #DroptheNC
  5. The Associated Press was quick to respond to these tweets through their popular Twitter outlet, @APStylebook:
  6. RichcBarrett
    RT @ericnewsom: Takes awhile for the @APStylebook to come ’round on things. They only stopped using, “Web site” in 2010. #DropTheNC
  7. But the conversation on Twitter was not all supportive of the change.
  8. blkenn
    Charlotte, your Atlanta envy is showing. If VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. still has to happen, I vote we keep Charlotte, N.C. #DroptheNC
  9. JustinHaugens
    I get the whole debate about #DroptheNC but you’re missing the point, Charlotte is still questionable to non-Carolinians about its location.
  10. andybechtel
    An SC native living in Denver: “I can’t tell you how many people ask me if Charlotte is in South Carolina.” #dropthenc #keepthenc
  11. raej
    The #DropTheNC deal seems misguided. Charlotte isn’t *known* for anything nationally. Other cities have pop culture currency. We don’t.
  12. In the end, Charlotteans challenged each other to make the change without the AP Stylebook.
  13. WilsonShow
    Bit amused at number of #CLT people using #DroptheNC that aren’t practicing what they preach in their twitter bio. Hint. Hint.
  14. BoHussey
    Done! RT @briandfrancis: Be the change #CLT, #DroptheNC from your twitter bio. #messagecontrol
  15. Whether the AP will follow suit is yet to be determined, but these Charlotte proponents say that hosting the Democratic National Convention is the turning point that puts Charlotte on the map.

    Sure, it’s still on the North Carolina map. But Charlotte is setting its sights (and tweets) on loftier goals.

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