Social Media Changes Journalism – @sleuth presents at #COMM360

  1. JAMcArthur
    So excited to have the talented @sleuth speaking in #COMM360 today @QueensUniv: How social media changes journalism.
  2. RaulstonBoger
    People are most likely to engage in branded content on social media that contains pictures, status updates, and videos #comm360
  3. TheKnightSchool
    1 in 7 minutes spent on FB, 1 in 5 min in social networks, 82% of the worlds population can be reached by a social network – WOW #comm360
  4. william_boyd91
    My momma needs to be in this session. She doesn’t know the difference between FB and Twitter. #comm360
  5. karalynn94
    “There’s the company, and there’s you and those are two different brands.” -Jason Silverstein #comm360
  6. JAMcArthur
    I love the way @sleuth cites his sources for statistics within his slide deck. Subtle but effective. #COMM360
  7. jonesysb
    RT @TheKnightSchool: Build your brand through engagement & have a home for your content, not just fb, twitter, google #comm360
  8. RaulstonBoger
    RT @COMM360: About @sleuth – RT @BNick100: Dude knows wat he’s tlkin about. Right on my dawg, right on #comm360
  9. renee_gorman
    @sleuth seminar on social media changing journalism is the best #goodadvice #learningalot #comm360 @COMM360 @QueensUniv

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