Digital Entrepreneurship with #AwesomeNick

  1. In a talk on the campus of Queens University of Charlotte, Nick Such inspired students and community leaders to consider the role of digital entrepreneurship in society. Such is the co-founder of Awesome, Inc., a
  2. TheKnightSchool
    Hashtag for tonight’s @AeroSuch discussion: #AwesomeNick ?
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 13:42:10
  3. AeroSuch
    RT @TheKnightSchool: RT @theknightschool: Hashtag for tonight’s @AeroSuch discussion: #AwesomeNick ? It fits, we’ve never seen “awesome” …
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 13:46:08
  4. kvision13
    RT @JAMcArthur: Crowd gathering to hear @AeroSuch in Dana 110. Here’s #AwesomeNick getting ready to speak:
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 15:30:52
  5. LoricaDigital
    Giving people back precious moments keeps me working through the night #AwesomeNick
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 15:41:43
  6. CNCollins03
    My interior design and communication majors intertwine once again! #ISeeFloorplansInMySleep #indoormapping #AwesomeNick @TheKnightSchool
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:44:23
  7. ashalee126
    Wish I had met #AwesomeNick years ago! Definitely need indoor maps in my life… #alwayslost
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 15:42:51
  8. CNCollins03
    “Indoor maps aren’t going to be something you look at, they’re going to be something you experience” #AwesomeNick @TheKnightSchool
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 15:47:50
  9. MoiahZataiya
    Rule#4: Always do something awesome over something not awesome #awesomenick
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 15:58:31
  10. smithmallison
    “Rule #39: Surround yourself with awesomeness.” #awesomenick And yes, he stole the rules concept from Wedding Crashers.
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:16:01
  11. kvision13
    @Theknightschool- failure is awesome- we can learn a lot from failing- more than success sometimes #awesomenick
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:26:03
  12. TheKnightSchool
    #AwesomeInc has a #SuccessBell & #FailureDashboard: we learn a lot more from the dashboard than the bell #AwesomeNick #reframingfailure
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:26:12
  13. ashalee126
    Learning more from failures than success. #humble #AwesomeNick
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:26:04
  14. smithmallison
    Desire to start-up a business? Start-up Weekend will be in Charlotte January 25, 2013. #awesomenick
    Mon, Oct 08 2012 16:17:17
  15. For more information about Awesome, Inc, check out the website:

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