journal 7

Introduction to Communication: COMM 101

Journal 7: Communication Climates and Conflict

For this journal, please discuss three different scenarios in which you have had to engage in conflict (not necessarily “argue,” but engage by resolving incompatible differences) with another person. For each of these scenarios, please address the following questions:

  1. What happened to cause conflict (conflict interests)?
  2. What were the conflict orientations of the people involved?
  3. How did you respond to the conflict (conflict responses)?
  4. What were the outcomes of your response?

You may find it easy to set your paper up in sections based on each conflict. In this case you might have three paragraphs, with one paragraph answering the four questions about the conflict. If you take the route, please write a final section comparing the three scenarios. Please note the definitions of conflict interests, conflict orientations, conflict response, and conflict outcomes in your text before completing this journal.