Schedule of Events

COMM 200 – Public Speaking
syllabus | schedule of events
Spring term 2013

January 7
Welcome to class
syllabus & course overview
Delivery Exercise 1: Vocal Pauses

January 9
Chapter 1: Finding Your Voice
Delivery Exercise 2: Audience

January 14
Chapter 2 :Managing your fear of Speaking
Chapter 3: Your First Speech
Discuss speeches of introduction, peers & speech days assigned
Delivery Exercise 3: Optimal Pitch

January 16
Chapter 9: Structuring and Outlining your Speech
Chapter 13: Informative Speaking
discuss informative speech assignment
Delivery Exercise 4: Speech Designs 

January 21
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – no class

January 23
Chapter 5: Adapting to Your Audience and Situation
Rehearse your introductory speeches with your group during class

January 28
Chapter 6: Developing your Topic
Speeches of Introduction presented in class

January 30
Chapter 7: Building Responsible Knowledge
Chapter 8: Supporting Your Ideas
Bring informative speech topics to class
Delivery Exercise 5: Outline Scramble

February 4
Chapter 12: Presenting Your Speech
Delivery Exercise 6: Tongue Twists

February 6
Chapter 9 refresher
Bring Informative working outlines and completed introductions to class
Delivery Exercise 7: Transitions Road Trip

February 11
Informative Speeches (students 1-6)

February 13
Informative Speeches (students 1-12)

February 18
Informative Speeches (students 13-18)
discuss persuasive speech assignment

February 20
Chapter 14: Persuasive Speaking
Bring persuasive speech topics to class

February 25
Chapter 15: Building Sound Arguments
Chapter 11: Putting Words to Work
informative self-critiques due

February 27
Chapter 11: Presentation Aids

March 4 & 6
Spring Break – no class

March 11
Chapter 12: Presenting your speech

March 13
Chapter 10 refresher
Bring Persuasive working outlines and completed introductions to class

March 18
Peer reviews of Persuasive Working outlines

March 20
Persuasive Speeches (students 7-12)

March 25
Persuasive Speeches (students 13-18)

March 27
Persuasive Speeches (students 1-6)
Discuss ceremonial speeches

April 1
Chapter 16: Ceremonial Speaking
Bring ceremonial speech topics to class

April 3
Appendix A: Small Group Communication
Persuasive self-critiques due

April 8
Chapter 4: Becoming a Better Listener
Bring ceremonial speech points to class

April 10
Ceremonial Speeches (students 10-18)

April 15
Ceremonial Speeches (students 1-9)

April 17

April 22
Exam review
Course evaluations due (online)


The dates on this schedule are the official due dates for spring term 2013. All readings, speeches, and materials are due during class time on the date specified. Dates are subject to change (in writing).

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