Lab 1: Setting up your blog

Integrated Strategic Communication: COMM 306
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To complete this lab, you should have created a blog and prepared the blog for our course by accomplishing the following items:
  • Establish the blog
  • Adjust the Blog Settings: Title, Subtitle, Time, and Theme
  • Add categories for your blog posts
    (Lab Activities, Insights, Personal Connections)
    To do this, under the “Posts” Tab on your dashboard, click on “Categories.”
  • Modify the “About” Page to tell us about yourself.
    Click on “Pages” under the “Pages” Tab on your dashboard.
    Bonus points for including an audio or video element, like this one:

Before you submit the assignment, thoroughly read all of the information on our student blogs page.

Submitting the assignment

Email your hyperlink to When you see your blog linked on our Moodle page, you’ll know it worked.