Lab 3: Media Release

Integrated Strategic Communication: COMM 306
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For this lab, you will author a press release of your own creation. Chapter 15 in your textbook will be very beneficial for your writing.

Choose an event that is set to occur in the future at Queens University of Charlotte or in the city where you are currently living. You’ll have to do some information gathering to get the details you need. Author the press release and have it edited by 2 people before you turn it in.

NOTE: Your press release needs to include and will be assessed according to the ten items included in this article on media releases. All ten must be present in the press release.

In addition, please conduct a Flesch test on your press release. Your score should be 30 or higher. If it is not, consult the Flesch readability index and work on your release. List the final Flesch score at the bottom of your assignment.

Submitting the Lab

Upload your edited media release as a PDF on your website. Your post should be titled “Lab 03: Media Release Draft” and categorized in “Lab Activities.”