Sport Promotion and Publicity Events

Sport Promotion and Publicity: COMM 357
Spring Season 2012
syllabus | schedule of events

Sport Promotion & Publicity Pocket ScheduleWEEK ONE – January 9 & 11
Welcome to class & select sport topics
Practice #1: Designing a portfolio

WEEK TWO – January 18
Readings: Chapter 2
Practice #2: Volunteering in the field

WEEK THREE – January 23 & 25
Readings: Chapters 1, 9
Practice #3: Sport History

For this practice, bring with you to class your research about your sport, its history, the organization (league divisions) of the sport as practiced in the US, and a synopsis of how this sport is organized and managed nationally and internationally. You will want to have information about the role of men’s and women’s segments of this sport and the relationship between athletes and fans.

WEEK FOUR – January 30 & February 1
Readings: Chapter 5
Practice #4: Athlete Biographies

WEEK FIVE – February 6 & 8
Deliver February 6: Event Promotion Observation 1
Readings: Chapters 4, 12
Practice #5: How and What to Pitch

WEEK SIX – February 13 & 15
Readings: Chapter 3
Practice #6: Press Release

WEEK SEVEN –  February 20 & 22
[no class meeting on Monday, Feb 20]
Deliver February 20: Event Promotion Observation 2
Readings: Chapter 5
Practice #7: Feature Story

WEEK EIGHT – February 27 & 29
Readings: Chapter 6
Practice #8: Venue Description

March 5 & 7 – Spring Break

WEEK NINE – March 12 & 14
Deliver March 12: Event Promotion Observation 3
Readings: Chapter 8
Practice #9: Reporter/Photographer Accreditation Plan

WEEK TEN – March 19 & 21
Readings: Chapter 10
Practice #10: Press Conference Plan

WEEK ELEVEN – March 26 & 28
Deliver March 26: Event Promotion Observation 4
Readings: Chapter 7
Practice #11: Athlete Media Training Presentation 1

WEEK TWELVE – April 2 & 4
Readings: Chapter 13
Practice #12: Athlete Media Training Presentation 2

WEEK THIRTEEN – April 9 & 11
Deliver April 9: Event Promotion Observation 5
Readings: Chapter 14
Practice #13: Social Media Plan

WEEK FOURTEEN – April 16 & 18
Deliver April 16: Inquiry in the Field journal
Readings: Chapter 11
Practice #14: Portfolio Workday

Deliver April 23: Sport Promotion Portfolio

These are the official due dates for Spring Semester 2012. All assignments may be submitted in advance and should be submitted on Moodle unless otherwise noted in the assignment. Readings and assignments should be completed before the class period on which they appear.

Below is the information on each assignment and the points awarded for each:

Sport Promotion Portfolio (40 %)
The Sport Promotion Portfolio will contain one edited and unified document for the sport selected at the beginning of the term. It should include a well-designed cover and table of contents and will encompass edited and revised versions of these practice documents:

      • Sport History
      • Athlete Biographies (2 – one male, one female)
      • Comprehensive Story Idea List (25 possible Olympics-related stories targeted to Charlotte market)
      • Press Release
      • Feature Story
      • Venue Description
      • Reporter/Photographer Accreditation Plan
      • Athlete Media Training Presentation
      • Social Media Plan

Practice  Performance (30%)
Each week, we will have practical training in producing promotion and publicity documents for selected sports. Each practice will occur on the Wednesday in the week it appears. Your performance on these practices in total will be worth a percentage of your overall grade.

Inquiry in the Field Journal (15%)
Submit a volunteer field assignment for approval. You should devote 15 hours this term to a variety of sport promotion endeavors. In a journal, record the following:

    1. While volunteering, take “field notes” or “reporting notes” on all of your volunteering efforts;
    2. Choose one volunteer opportunity that you completed and write an AP-style story about your work in that opportunity;
    3. Build a personal contact list from the names of people you meet;
    4. Reflect on your experience with regard to personal communication skills you need to enhance to be able to build your contacts effectively; and,
    5. Create a plan for enhancing  your skills.

Event Observations (15%)
Watch or attend sporting events. For each event, write a 2-3 page (maximum) reflection about the sports promotion and publicity leading up to the event and the promotion during or internal to the event. Note: this  reflection is not a reflection on the sporting event, but rather on the promotion that occurs before and during the event. Your 5 entries should be entered on our Moodle site and must include:

    1. a youth-league event;
    2. an adult recreational event;
    3. a collegiate event;
    4. a professional event; and
    5. a mega-event.