#EGGqueens is about digital literacy.

Find an egg. Enter to win a $50 iTunes gift card.


  • Literacy isn’t just about reading anymore.
    Digital literacy includes the abilities to access, analyze, create, reflect, and act using digital technology.
  • Creating blogs can build communities of interest.
    Creating online content takes someone from being a digital consumer toward becoming “digitally literate.”
  • You know more about technology than your parents.
    Digital citizens are people who understand technology and shares their knowledge. Share yours.
  • You are being watched.
    We are part of a digital community in which we can communicate online with people around the world.
  • Citing “Google Images” is plagiarism.
    Being able to analyze sources for reliability and direct others to your sources online is one component of digital literacy.
  • Your Facebook updates can help or harm other people.
    Taking time to reflect on your own use of technology enhances your digital literacy skills.
  • 100,000,000 homes in the US lack broadband access.
    Having access to technology means being able to find and use technology to meet your needs.
  • Cyberbulling is a crime.
    Acting responsibly online includes promoting and encouraging others rather than causing them harm.


There are three ways to enter for your chance to win a $50 iTunes gift card:

  1. Take a picture of your egg and post it on the Knight School of Communication facebook page (www.facebook.com/knightschool). The most creative photo wins, so use your imagination.
  2. Text “187009 and your name” to 37607. A winner will be drawn at random. More texts, more chances to win.
  3. Tweet a digital literacy tip using the hashtag #EGGqueens. A winner will be drawn at random. More tweets, more chances to win.

#EGGqueens is a one-day event on April 4, 2012. All entries must be submitted that day. One winner from each method of entry will be selected and notified on Monday, April 9, 2012. You must be a Queens University of Charlotte student to win. Unlimited entries are accepted in every category.

#EGGqueens 2012 is a product of the Exploration Seminar in Digital Literacy for Spring term 2012 (IDST 200) and KnightVision. The seminar is comprised of freshmen and sophomores studying digital literacy as it relates to communication. Follow the class online or learn more about our seminar.