Why I Tweet

As soon as people learn that I teach courses in social media, they immediately remark, “Oh! Like that tweeting stuff,” or “I don’t understand the Twitters,” or, my favorite, “In two minutes, explain why I should get on Twitter.”  So, for my peeps and tweeps alike, here’s why I use Twitter.

  1. Twitter connects me to others.
    People can find me (and I can find them). I’ve had excellent interactions with students, journalists, television personalities, authors, and other professors that I never would have had without Twitter.
  2. Twitter engages my interests.
    Through Twitter, I am able to converse with, read, and learn from experts, practitioners, and thinkers in communication and in my specific fields of study: media technology, & society; education & instruction; and physical & digital spaces. Conversations abound on infinite subjects on Twitter
  3. Twitter promotes my work.
    People that I have met using Twitter have become friends, guest-speakers in my classroom, clients for consultation, internship-directors for my students, and co-authors for publications. I discover new people, new events, and new opportunities almost daily.
  4. Twitter makes me think.
    I am constantly trying to tighten my writing and create better tweets. Fitting thoughts into a 140-character limit makes me a better writer and teacher.
  5. Twitter responds to my choices.
    I decide who to follow, how to follow, and when to follow the people who interest me on Twitter, and Twitter responds.JAMcArthur on Twitter

In short, Twitter is what we make it. If I have a television and never turn it on, I’ll be bored. The same is true for Twitter. I choose the channels that make sense to me, and follow the people who contribute to my conversation. And unlike television, on Twitter I get to talk back.

What are your thoughts?

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