On Digital Strategic Communication

The field of integrated strategic communication seems both timely and relevant when I read articles like this one:View the tweet, with link to the articleIn the School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte, our Master’s program has recently been expanded to include Strategic Communication: a growing field which assesses and contributes to learning on this exact topic. The crux of integrated strategic communication lies between (1) understanding the various publics related to your business or brand and (2) developing communication to and from those publics.

This fall, I am excited to be leading a graduate seminar on Digital Communication that will focus on this issue from a strategic communication perspective.  We’ll consider and experiment with avenues for communicating in various digital forms, and discuss popular uses for social media. This focus on media, technology, and society is related to both the theory and the tools of communication in their ever-changing forms.

Whether we’re writing tweets, marketing pieces, or academic articles, staying current and connected to digital tools can become a full-time job. Those who can apply the theory and strategy while adapting to changing communication technologies may find themselves well-poised for leadership roles in their companies and beyond.

Strategic Communication that dismisses new technology seems short-sighted. Using communication technologies blindly seems ineffective. Our goal is to combine the two through innovation and experimentation.


What are your thoughts?

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