Panel of Tools @SoFresh Charlotte

Social Fresh Charlotte, 2010How can a company best leverage monitoring and management systems to meet its online marketing needs?

That’s the question addressed by an expert panel at Social Fresh Charlotte — Amber Naslund (@ambercadabra) of Radian6, Adam Covati (@covati) of Argyle Social, Justin Kistner (@justinkistner) of Webtrends, and Rick Burns (@rickburns) of HubSpot.

Here’s a few of their recommendations:

  • Use the “old” monitoring tools for new media
    The goal for social media tools is to take “old” online marketing management principles and apply then to new social media movements. Toolsets should match the goals of the organization’s marketing efforts. If your goals are not actionable, then you shouldn’t waste time and money on monitoring tools. Costly monitoring tools increase efficiency, but many smaller business may find that free tools meet their needs.
  • Listen
    Listening is the most important skill set that should be part of an overall communication infrastructure. The goals of the listening program should be (1) listening; (2) to responding; and (3) reach. Thus, listening is not just the job of interns: listening should be done by a brand management team.
  • Remember, content is still king
    Build your site through excellent content versus social media. Social media shares content. Twitter users that blog have 75% more followers (higher reach) than those who don’t blog.

In this panel on using analytics to measure online performance, I find it compelling that experts spent the largest amount of time discussing content and feedback. Content development and feedback loops are two of the primary concerns of good strategic communication strategy. Monitoring and management systems simply create a more efficient way for assessing the company’s efforts.

To me, this confirms the ideas that social media relies on excellent content; social media is a distribution platform for ideas; and social media should be driving your traffic back to a digital “home base.”


  1. Thanks for covering the points of our panel. I noticed my name was left off of the list. Can you please add me 🙂 Also, Mike was not able to participate on the panel due to multiple flight delays.

    A couple of points that resonated the most on Twitter include:

    – Listening practices should be part of overall communications infrastructure
    – Don’t think of your listener as an intern

    A few of the resources I shared on this panel that were the most tweeted are:

    Social graph mining tools: Twiangulate, FollowerWonk, and MailAna

    Social media response workflow:

    • Justin, thanks for letting me know and for the great posts from Twitter that you chronicled here. I have corrected the post. Thanks also to webtrends for the #sofresh sponsorship!

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