Non Ministrari, Sed Ministrare

Communicating Honor:
Civility, Technology, and a Digital Society

I was both humbled and honored to give the keynote address at Queens University of Charlotte’s Sed Ministrare Ceremony, the official induction of incoming students into the Queens community. My speech, entitled Communicating Honor: Civility, Technology, and a Digital Society, encompassed remarks on the history of communication technologies, our identities in participatory media, and the impact of digital technology on our choices.

Watch the speech, as presented on August 21, 2010 in Queens’ Dana Auditorium:

or read, download, and print the speech transcript in its entirety:

Thank you to Dr. Lynn Morton, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for inviting me to speak and for serving as both reader and editor in the weeks leading up to the event. Thanks also to the many students and faculty who greeted me (in person), emailed me (digitally), and tweeted (in real time) their comments on my remarks.

Feedback, reactions, thoughts, and comments are welcome and appreciated in the medium of your choice.


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