Feedback for New Bloggers

BlogsBlogging can be a daunting task for those who are new to the practice. Here are some general notes I’ve compiled after reading the first week’s blog posts in my integrated strategic communication course, followed by five tips for improving our blog community in this course.
  • Source Citations: If you use a quote from any source, including our textbook, include either a hyperlink (if it is on the web) or author, year, page number (if it is not on the web).
  • Editing: Spelling and grammar matter. Double check your work, edit repeatedly, and help each other. If you see a typo, let your classmates know about it.
  • Complete information: Keep in mind that your readers (and your readership will grow over the course of the term) may not be familiar with your book. Fully explain your thoughts and give them a way to find your book (and the appropriate pages) if they want to read it.

Five tips for a new blogger

  1. Change your title (from Username’s Blog) and subheading (from “Just another WordPress blog!“) to reflect the purpose of your blog. Claim it. Name it. Own it.
  2. Use the “Kitchen Sink” when you edit posts to create a look for your text. Keep it simple, but emphasize important items using stylistic elements like blockquotes, bullets, and numbering.
  3. Read your peers’ blogs. Use the blogroll (under widgets or links) to add links to their sites on your own page for easy access.
  4. Use bullets and numbering to separate your text so that it’s formatted in a readable way.
  5. Consider the spacing of your text on the page. Studies show that people are far more likely to read short statements (of 1-3 lines) than long paragraphs.

If you have other tips for these new bloggers, leave a comment here with your advice.

This post was written for students in Integrated Strategic Communication, COMM 306 (@ QueensUniv). Other PR professors may find it helpful to adapt this information for their own classes. Please share and use the post if you find it helpful.

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