Speaking and Learning in Tweets: a field guide to Twitter language

This presentation is intended for Twitter beginners, to explore the language used to link information in Twitter. I delivered it as part of the Knight School of Communication’s digital media learning workshops series offered at Queens University of Charlotte and shared it here for interested others.

As always, your comments and feedback on this presentation are welcome.


  1. Very helpful for middle-age newbies (like me!). Thank you for aggregating meaningful content on behalf of your students.

  2. Thanks Patti, and you’re welcome. Twitter can look like a foreign language to people of all ages. Hopefully this presentation will help demystify the language for those new to Twitter.

  3. Thanks Dr. McArthur. After class I have actually grown to enjoy Twitter and finding out what people are doing and what they are thinking. It is weird to think about what other people could be doing all the way across the country, especially stars, like Wiz Khalifa, a rapper that I am following. I love reading what he has to say and follow what he is doing throughout the day since we share a passion for music.

  4. Thank You Dr McArthur, I am new to Twitter and this presentation has been helpful. In the past I refused to creating a twitter account but now that I have to do it for class I am interested to see how this is going to be. I see a lot of positive comments about twitter so I am feeling a little bit better.

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