Wikinomics (Tapscott & Williams, 2006)

Wikinomics: How mass collaboration changes everything (Tapscott & Williams, 2006)


Premised around four major ideas of a new economy – (1) Openness; (2) Peering; (3) Sharing; and, (4) Acting Globally – Wikinomics: How mass collaboration changes everything suggests that mass communication turns the traditional inward business model toward an outward focus.

The authors point to current business trends in corporations that favor an open approach to idea generation and collaboration. These concepts seem intriguing and commendable, especially in a global market. Why not share and build on the ideas of others.

“That can work in local instances,” says Bill Gary, “but for major companies, that may create redundancies across the company.”  The debate here is whether we build a global car or a local car.  Which target market do we serve?

According to the new laws of Wikinomics, those companies that collaborate and share, with open architecture, will reap the economic benefits of a new economy.

  • Overall Response: This book is the anti-Solis. It works as a consulting read for CEOs but not as a vehicle for real social media strategy. Experienced social media users will find it lacking.

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