An Exploration in Digital Literacy

I’m embarking on a journey through an untested classroom. At Queens University of Charlotte, the university is investing in a prototype for faculty-student interaction through seminars that explore a specific question or inquiry.

I’ve agreed to be part of the pilot project taking place this spring. Fifteen brave students and I will examine the landscape of digital literacy and ask questions about how a person becomes literate in 2012.

Using Howard Rheingold’s “Attention and other 21st century literacies” as a starting point, our group will investigate the nature of contemporary literacy in a digital environment and its relationship to the interplay between technology and society.

Each week, we’ll be engaging in a weekly inquiry project. The inquiries will be posted here and I hope that the conversation on each point of inquiry expands to include not only the people in our seminar, but also thinkers and leaders in the digital literacy field who engage with our topic. You’re invited to explore with us.

To kick off the conversation, what is your one must-read article (or must-view video) on the topic of digital literacy?

What are your thoughts?

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