Does Technology Impact our Health?

Bobby DeMuro, who has been hosting The Bobby DeMuro Show on WBT Radio every Sunday evening since fall 2011, tackles current issues related to public health. This week’s topic: Does technology impact our health?

Bobby hosted me on tonight’s show alongside Jason Silverstein, Jon West, and others to discuss current issues in media, technology, and society. My section of the show covered the ways that technology intersects with communication, advocacy, and health.

I answered questions from DeMuro surrounding the impact of technology on health, the relationship between technology and society, our “need” to be connected, the growing digital divide, and future predictions about society’s reliance on technology.

My message was one of the continued need for digital literacy. We each have a responsibility to use technology wisely, by carefully assessing the information we discover and creating information that is accurate and reliable. We each need to take responsibility for the information we share, and we have to learn how to collaborate with our communities through technology as well as in person.

Listen to or download the full interview on media fire

Thanks to Bobby DeMuro for bringing this topic to the Charlotte airwaves and for inviting me to be a participant.

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