Learning Strategies for Teaching Professors

The Teaching Professor Conference was full of good teaching ideas and resources. Here are a few from selected panels I attended. For further information on one of these strategies, leave a comment here.

Engaging Students in their Own Learning
Angie Nippert and Kris Bransford of Concordia University and Karen Moroz of Hamline University

The four engaged learning strategies presented in this session, drawn from reading instruction, were intended to encourage processing time for learners and create opportunities for instructors to be intentional in course planning.

Text coding
Connections Grid
RAFT (role, audience, format, topic)
Double Entry Journal

Effective Pedagogical Strategies for Engaging Students in Online Learning
Jay Gabbard and Patricia Desrosiers of Western Kentucky University

Pulling from trends in online education, these ten strategies can assist talented instructors apply their talents to web-based platforms:

Adobe Connect Learning Software
YouTube Videos
“Getting to Know You” Forums and Videos
Future Professional Development
Tegrity Video Capture
Weekly Course Agendas
Regular Personal Checkins
Virtual Tours of course management sites
Tips for using the technology

Winning Hand! Cooperation and Critical Thinking via Card-Sort
John Huss of Northern Kentucky University

We all like to teach in the manner that we learn the best. Unfortunately, that’s not the best strategy for learners. Manipulation of tangible concepts creates a kind of learning that promotes creative thinking and problem solving. Card-sort lessons are classroom activities that engage participants in thinking through difficult scenarios teaching either content or problem solving, or both. Huss provided participants with multiple versions of card-sort examples.

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