Digital Democracy, through the eyes of Twitter

  1. Ceasar McDowell, professor of practice of community development at MIT, spoke at Queens University of Charlotte’s Knight School of Communication tonight on the relationships between democracy and a digital society. Here’s the buzz on Twitter from the event:
  2. JAMcArthur
    RT @TheKnightSchool @QueensUniv welcomes @clmcdowell! We are looking forward to learning about digital tools & democracy!
  3. ashalee126
    RT @ashalee126: “you have to support the thing that you are trying to change, while you’re trying to change it” Ceasar McDowell
  4. renee_gorman
    “solving the world problems does not mean finding one right answer it is about asking the right question” #deepthought #CeaserMcDowell
  5. ashalee126
    Building transformative actions “how do we move from DIY to DIT(do it together)?” -Ceasar McDowell @TheKnightSchool
  6. renee_gorman
    “we need to pick a hard issue to ask questions. One no one wants to talk about but everyone needs to talk about.” #CeaserMcDowell

What are your thoughts?

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