Millennials, Managers & Strategic Communication

Queens University of Charlotte’s recent infographic explores the ways that millennials and managers communicate in today’s workplace. Embedded in it are tips and practices for both millennials and managers exploring the strategic communication opportunities present in the way we work.

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 Communicating in The Modern Workplace Infographic – Queens University of Charlotte Online
Via: Communicating in the Modern Workplace


For me, the most fascinating statistic is the role of social networks in the workplace. According to the data presented, half of all millennials believe that social networks increase work productivity. If I’m on Facebook at work, half of my peers might believe that I’m doing business even if the other half think I’m stalking old friends. In either case, the message is clear – social networks allow us to make connections. The way we choose to use them is up to us.

If you’re interested in the way we work, explore the role of communication in your workplace – or come join us to investigate the many opportunities for each of us to uncover and discover the role of communication in our lives.

What are your thoughts?

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