Planning #NCA17 for #HCTD

Over the past year, I had the privilege of planning the NCA convention program for the Human Communication & Technology Division (HCTD). The process was fun, and it was, by far, the largest convention planning process I’ve led to date.

With the help of a fantastic group of reviewers, we processed 161 competitive paper submissions and 12 panel and paper session submissions. Out of that list, we accepted 75 papers and transferred 27 additional papers to scholar-to-scholar presentation format. We accepted 2 panels, 2 paper sessions, and secured an additional slot for an additional panel.

The resulting slate of 21 sessions represented over 100 different pieces of scholarship that use the study of human communication as it intersects with digital technologies. And the list of presenters includes established, seasoned names in our field, emerging scholars, and budding scholars and students just beginning to study in this area.

Thanks to the members of HCTD for trusting me to lead this work as Vice-Chair and Convention Planner. I look forward to representing you in 2018 as our division’s chair. Have a wonderful conference.

What are your thoughts?

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