Going Live: Adding Nodes of Sychronicity

One of my opportunities as a Wiley Faculty Fellow is to work with the team at Wiley Education Services to improve the professional experience of educators, professors, and instructors. One result of that is the publication of a white paper, which was released today. The paper, titled “Going Live: Adding Nodes of Synchronicity to Online Courses,” describes opportunities for enhancing faculty-student interactions in learning management systems.

I’m an advocate for working toward increased opportunities for faculty and students to work together on projects, during classroom activities, and in informal learning opportunities. Often, when we start to use learning management systems to supplement our campus programs or to build online programs, we veer away from real-time interaction toward asynchronicity. This white paper seeks to inject synchronicity back into these experiences in small doses to help faculty and students feel better connected.


 Read the white paper in its entirety through Wiley Education Services here.

McArthur, J.A. (2018). Going Live: Adding nodes of synchronicity to asynchronous online learning. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Education Services.

What are your thoughts?

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