Call for Presenters

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Charlotte and the ConventionThe Knight School is sponsoring an innovative learning experience for undergraduate students in the fall surrounding the Democratic National Convention: a conference-style seminar and field work during the DNC 2012.

The two-day seminar held on Thursday, August 30, and Friday, August 31, 2012 will feature a variety of sessions including:

  • Charlotte’s history
  • The role of mega-events in the life of urban centers
  • The history of political conventions
  • Glimpses of unusual circumstances surrounding past political conventions
  • The role of citizens in the political process
  • The influences of faith, rhetoric, race, finance, and media technology in politics and citizenship
  • The need for digital literacy in current citizenship
  • Political protest
  • and more…


If you’re an expert in one of the topics above or another topic related to Charlotte and the Convention, we want you to be a part of these unique learning experience.

Presentations will vary in length from 15 – 75 minutes. Proposals may be sent by email to and should include a title, a description, the names of the speaker(s), and the proposed time allotment proposed for the session. Panel discussions, lecture-based presentations, multimedia sessions, experiential learning, and other innovative sessions are welcome.

 Proposal Deadline: April 30, 2012

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