Professor Studies Viral Phenomenon – #ALSIceBucketChallenge

The good folks at Time Warner Cable News in Charlotte heard about my current research project and shared information about it on their Friday broadcast, August 29, 2014 in a story titled: Charlotte ALS Center Responds to Challenge; Professor Studies Viral Phenomenon.

The text of the online recap by Becky Bereiter  is below:

ALSIceBucketChallenge Survey

CHARLOTTE – As the ALS Ice Bucket challenge continues to make its rounds on social media, doctors with Charlotte’s ALS Center took part Friday, with a twist.

They used the platform to announce a new clinical trial aimed at patients in the early stage of the disease.

“We’ll be the only center in the United States pushing forward. We’re hoping to do this quickly, so we can then advance these findings to all patients with ALS,” said medical director Dr. Benjamin Brooks.

The ALS Association announced Friday the challenge has raised upwards of $100 million this month.

While thrilled with the unexpected trend, Dr. Brooks says that amount of money would only be enough to fund half a standard clinical trial.

He is pushing the need for ongoing support.

Meanwhile, a Queens University professor is studying the now international phenomenon.

John McArthur is looking at what role peer pressure plays, as well as the unique nature of these viral videos.

“We’ve seen items go viral, but most of the time when something goes viral, it’s a single video or a single cause,” said McArthur. “This one is really people sharing their own information, in a viral platform.”

He’s trying to get 1,000 people who took the challenge, to complete an online survey.

That survey can be found here:

– See more and watch the video report at:–professor-studies-viral-phenomenon/#sthash.pbzUiX4m.dpuf

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